Really? Can you do that? Can you really use an iPad as your only computer?

Yes you can, although the iPad is designed as a companion device (it assumes you have a Mac or PC as well) increasingly people are using the iPad as their only computer. Here's a few reasons why:

  1. Because its nicer to use than other types of computers.

  2. Because they have spent their cash on the iPad and don't want to spend again on another computer.

  3. Because they want to leave behind all the security problems of Windows PCs.

Most folks reading this page will be doing so because they already do most of their computing on an iPad anyway. For the 5% of tasks they think they cannot do on an iPad, they are drawn back to a Mac or a PC. It's that 5% that these pages are all about. I am going tackle each of the things you think you cannot do on and show you how. Here are a few examples that people are always (wrongly) telling me they cannot do, just to get you started:

  • Type on a real keyboard.
  • Attach a bigger screen.
  • Print.
  • Edit Word and Excel files.

Obviously there are others, have a little browse around these pages to see if you can find the answer to the last few things that are holding you back. If you cannot find an answer, go to the forums and challenge everyone there to find one, or give us a call and have an expert fix it for you.

It is true that not everything is possible and some people will turn down the very notion of using an iPad as your only computer for that reason alone. That's a shame, there's a lot to be gained by following this path. Jump on in and find out more.