You have to have a Mac or a PC, its the law!

The "what computer for a geek's mum?" Test

Leave computer viruses behind!

Key points:

1. Windows has become a cesspit of security problems.

2. Your anti-virus will not protect you.

3. There are lots of alternative technologies that don't have these problems.

4. I have years of real life experience both defending Windows and moving people to the alternatives.

The bad guys are out to get you!

Over the last 20 years a vast criminal industry has built up to attack Windows PCs. It generates billions of dollars every year by targeting normal innocence folks, just like you, with all sorts of ingenious scams. Think your anti-virus software will save you? At any one time we have a workshop full of infected Windows PCs, nearly all of them have the latest anti-virus software from every vendor you can name. Anti-virus software reduces the problem, but it certainly does not fix it.

They are many good alternatives to Windows

So what’s the answer? You need to do the unthinkable and look at the alternatives to Windows. At this point you are assuming than means getting a Mac. Actually no (public perception always lags behind reality). For the last 20 years you either bought a PC or you bought a Mac and the Mac was always double the price of the PC, so most people bought PCs (the PC market share has been way over 90% for most of that time).

Suddenly everything is different. Now there are iPads and Android Tablets and Chromebooks and the sales of PCs are in sharp decline. Those newer types of machines are built by geeks who have watched Windows descend into a cesspit of security problems and become determined not to let it happen to their systems. To say that it is impossible to get an iPad infected (for example), is not strictly true, but it might as well be. At the moment there is somewhere in the region of 1 billion Windows PCs in use today. What percentage have malicious software on? Of the home PCs (the ones with no IT depart to lock them down), real life experience suggests probably most of them. Of the 200 million iPads, it might just be possible (no one can absolutely sure) that the answer is zero. Which would you rather do your online banking on?

They do more than you think

People often tell me about why they cannot use the alternatives. They say they have to edit Word or Excel files, or print, or attach a real keyboard, or a bigger screen. Often people who truly believe they really know what they are talking about when it comes to computers will say such things. It's all nonsense of course. You can do all of these things on all of the alternatives. It might need a little bit of knowledge to make it happen, but that's fine. That's exactly what I am going to give you in these pages.

What next?

If its time to replace your PC a good mantra to start with is "Only buy Windows if you have to" and you probably don't have to.