This is a slight variation on the theme of having of adding a Bluetooth keyboard to an iPad. There are lots of different Bluetooth keyboards to be had, all different shapes and sizes. Most of them assume you are sitting at a desk with the iPad prompt up on a stand and the keyboard sat in front.

But some are keyboard cases. They clip onto the iPad and turn it into the same sort of clamshell design as you get with a laptop.

“Why would you bother?” is a common objection, “if you want a laptop, just buy a laptop, some of them are cheaper than iPads and you can do all sorts of other things with them”. This, of course is missing the point. All the reasons I gave in the section The Problem with Windows are still true.

It’s true that a machine designed as a laptop is physically a better match. All the weight is in the keyboard on a laptop, for example, so it is less likely to topple over that an iPad / keyboard cover combination, where the weight is in the screen. But it’s often worth making the trade off for better security and lower maintenance.