Here’s a neat little trick: at some point you may have brought yourself a little widget to let your iPad read memory cards from your camera. These will often come with a USB connector on them. It’s just possible you might have a keyboard with a USB connector on the end of it, perhaps from an old PC that you are no longer using since you went over to 100% iPad. If you plug your keyboard into the card reader, hey presto! You will have a working keyboard on your iPad.

Why would you bother to do it this way rather than get a Bluetooth keyboard? Two reasons:

  1. You can get an even wider selection of keyboards with a USB connector on the end and some people are super fussy about the feel of their keyboards.
  2. If you have the card reader and the keyboard lying around anyway, you can save yourself a few dollars (admittedly not many dollars, Bluetooth keyboards are hardly expensive, but it is recycling and that’s a good thing).

The truth is you probably won't bother with this option because a Bluetooth keyboard is a neater and simpler solution, but if I do not have a section on it someone will complain that I clearly have no idea what I am talking about. So here it is.