New things (things that make you change your ways) are mostly bad, wrong and evil.

Take someone who has always used a mouse and give them a laptop. They will hate the track pad. In under a day they will go to the shop, buy a mouse and plug it in. This means they have to use it on a flat surface. Therefore the laptop will stay exactly where they first placed it on their desk or dinning room table. I have scene cases like this were I have gone back 5 years latter and as I lifted the laptop, where was a dust ring showing where it had been.

Take the same scenario, but this time with someone who perseveres with the trackpad. After 2 or 3 days they will not notice the trackpad, they will just get on with using the laptop. These are the people who are reading their email on the couch, surfing whilst eating their cornflakes and watching catch up TV in bed.

The more you use a control device the more it disappears. Think of the stealing wheel in your car when you were a young person using it for the first time. You had to think about how much to turn it and how to hold it. After a while you just think about where on the road you want the car to be and now you think about the hot person you just drove passed. The wheel looks after itself. Same with the onscreen keyboard, at first it will be clumsy and awkward, but it you keep going it will disappear and then you don’t have to worry about carry around an extra keyboard.