"Size matters!" People say. "I have gotten used to a big screen on my PC and I simply cannot work full time on the tiny little thing on my iPad/iPad Mini/iPhone."

This can be a perfectly fair point. If, for example, you are a writer or someone working on a big spreadsheet, you need some room. Fortunately this is another real easy one to fix. You can take what you see on your iPad and mirror it on an external screen. Want to plug it into the monitor from your old defunct PC, no problem. Want to see your email on that 60" flat screen in the sitting room, yep, that's easy. Want to Skype your mother-in-law on the giant screen at the local football stadium, you can (if you really, really want to).

There are two ways to do this:

Plug in a cable

Use an Apple TV

Follow the links to find out how.

Once you have this set up what you see on the screen of the iPad will also appear on the external screen. See the section on keyboards and you can have a setup a bit like a old fashioned PC. The difference is there is no mouse (nor is it possible to use one on an iPad), if you want to click on something, you use the iPad. Your figure is still the mouse. To be fair, that's not ideal. If means you have to look around from the big external screen to click on something. However, its not as bad as it sounds. It's like using a trackpad on a PC. Personally I have the iPad in front of the screen and just stab away when I want to click. As 

It's odd, but of all the things that people tell me you cannot do on an iPad, this is the one people seem to find it hardest believe is possible. Folks look at me like I have no idea what I am talking about when I say it can be done, until I show them it working.